Stanley Park 2006-2007 Winter Storm Damage Photos - Gallery

Stanley Park 2006-2007 Winter Storm Damage Photos

Stanley Park 2007 Wind Storm Damage 01

Stanley Park 2007 Wind Storm Damage 01

Description : Vancouver,s Best Loved Park Hit by Devastating Windstorm.

Stanley Park, Vancouver,s oldest, largest, and most popular park, is the crowning jewel of our city, lauded as a national treasure and considered one of the great urban parks of the world. Almost everyone has a Stanley Park story. Whether you came as a child every summer to picnic with your family, learned to swim at Second Beach, proposed to your true love in the Rose Garden or spent your weekends playing cricket at Brockton Oval - the park holds indelible memories for all those who were lucky enough to have it as part of their lives. Some love the park simply because they regularly run the Seawall; others seek the green solitude of its inner trails. Whatever the reason for such abiding loyalty, Stanley Park holds a permanent place in everyone,s heart.

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