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Snowy Owls Photos, Boundary Bay, B.C. - Canadian Wildlife Stock Photos

Snowy Owl 02

Snowy Owl 02

Description : The Snowy Owl is considered the most powerful of the North American Owls. The Great Gray Owls are larger in size but the Snowy is more massive (greater average weight). The Snowy Owl is not likely to be confused with any other large Owl because of its bright white plumage and large size. The subarcticus race of Great Horned can also get very light in color but not bright white and the Snowy lacks ear tufts. The adult male can be completely immaculate white. The female is noticeably larger than the male and has more barring. The juvenal male is similar in marking to the adult female; the juvenile female is heavily barred. The Snowy Owl is usually quiet except during breeding or when disturbed. It has relatively small lemon yellow eyes, black bill and talons and feathered feet. its length is 23 inches(slightly larger than a Red-tailed Hawk)

Boundary Bay near Vancouver BC is the occasional destination of Snowy Owls. These birds do travel south in the winter, but Vancouver is about as far as any will go. The bird pictured here is young, Snowy Owls get lighter with age. The younger birds tend to travel further south than the older ones and occasionally one might venture as far as California, because it doesnt yet know where to stop!

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